How to clean Eyeglasses

How to clean Eyeglasses

How to clean Eyeglasses



Lenses and frames of eyeglasses can get scratched easily. Lens scratches can affect the quality of vision and can increase glare especially if you drive at night. It is very important to know how to clean eyeglasses in order to prevent scratches and damage to the lens and also frames. Coated lenses need special care as this coat can be damaged easy.


Follow these steps in cleaning your Eyeglasses

1. Wash your hands from germs, dirt and lotion. Dry your hands with towel that does not give up any fluff or tint.

2. Gently, Rinse your Eyeglasses with warm running water. Don’t use cold or hot water as this can damage lens especially coated lens.

3. Apply a small drop of dish washing soap or hand soap on each lens and rub both sides of each lens, nose pads and the frames with your fingers. Don’t use alcohol, vinegar, windows cleaner products or toothpaste as these products have chemicals that can strip away the anti-refractive coatings of the lens.



4- You can clean nose pads gently with tooth brush. Don’t use tooth brush to clean the lens or frame.

5. Rinse your glasses again with warm running water to remove soap from lens, nose pads and frame.

6- Dry the lens and frame with special tint free towel or tissue.

7- Packaged lens wipe is a very good option if you don’t want to wash your eyeglasses with water. Use them gently.


How to clean eyeglasses frame

  1. Plastic frame. Use hand or dish washing soap to clean the frame. Don’t use products with ammonia or acid to clean them.

  2. Metal Frame. Sit the eyeglasses in warm water overnight with dish washing soap to remove all oily and greasy dirt.



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