Ray Ban Eyeglasses

Ray Ban Eyeglasses. Features That Make Them an Excellent Choice

Ray Ban Eyeglasses: Features That Make Them an Excellent Choice



Ray-Ban glasses are known for their style, comfort, craftsmanship, and materials. Ray-Ban’s eyeglasses line follows the same classic lines as the sunglasses.

If you like Aviator or Wayfarer sunglasses, you can get the same style in eyeglasses too. Ray-Ban eyeglasses offer eye care and style to all the wearers.


Popular Styles of Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

  • Ray Ban Clubmaster

This style is commonly chosen as a prescription frame for wearers who need glasses. It has proportioned dimensions that will suit almost any face shape. Its price starts from $175.

  • Ray Ban Round Metal

If you love retro style, round metal optics are the best choice. These unisex metal, iconic eyeglasses are popular for their defined round distinct shape. They start from $158 - $210 depending on the subtypes.

  • Ray Ban Aviator

These are the most iconic style of Ray-Ban which were originally designed for U.S aviators in 1937. Aviators combine great style with quality, comfort, and performance. The price starts from $158.

  • Ray Ban Wayfarer

The focal point of Wayfarer glasses design is the frame itself. It’s a very popular choice amongst those who like classic angular shapes. These cost $175 and above.

  • Ray Ban Erika

It boasts of a lightweight, thin design that has metal temples and tone-on-tone temple tips. Its oversized round glasses shape provides extra sun coverage and 100% UV protection. It costs $140 and above.



5 Awesome Features of Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

  • Photochromic Lens

Photochromic lenses darken when exposed to specific types of light of sufficient intensity. They are especially sensitive to UV radiation and turn dark as soon as they are exposed to UV light. In the absence of the activating light, the glasses return to their clear state. All Ray-Ban glasses have UV protection of different strengths. Depending on the coating of the lenses, there are eyeglasses which offer up to 100% UV protection.

  • Digital Surfacing Technology

Traditional lens surfacing uses molds and tools which limits the designer’s options for each base. Digital surfacing, on the other hand, is a lens making process that removes the hard tooling limitations of traditional surfaces. Thanks to Digital Surfacing, Ray-Ban can produce unlimited shapes without affecting the accuracy of the lens.

This technology uses computer-aided design and surfacing to create high-level, customized lenses that have a unique prescription. Ray-Ban uses the most advanced digital technology and mathematical models to produce lenses that protect your eyes completely.



  • Lens and Frame Shaping

Everybody has a different face shape and using generic glasses may not always be the right fit. Ray-Ban has perfected the lens fitting process which ensures that each lens is cut to fit its frame properly. They are cut to suit your face perfectly too. You can own a pair of glasses that will be perfect for just your face shape.

  • Blue Light Filter

If you spend most of your time on the computer or phone, your eyes will be exposed to a lot of blue light. This could strain your eyes and give you headaches. Ophthalmologists recommend wearing glasses with blue light filter. Ray-Ban’s eyeglasses have a blue light filter that not only blocks blue light but also ensures that you don’t suffer from any eye problems.

  • Spring Hinges

Ray-Ban eyeglasses have spring hinges which require fewer adjustments. The hinges are equipped with a small spring that gives the arms a greater range of movement. They provide comfort to the user and can withstand everyday use. Due to their snug fit, these are good for people who are physically very active.

The right kind of eyeglasses will protect your eye health and ensure your vision is not affected. Choose the right kind, fit and style for yourself and keep your eyes healthy.



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