Tips to Buy Eyeglasses Online

Tips to Buy Eyeglasses Online

Tips to Buy Eyeglasses Online



How to have an awesome online eyeglasses shopping experience? Ordering products online has truly revolutionized shopping. No longer do you need to make the trip down the mall should you need a new pair of shoes or have a craving for delicious desserts.

The convenience online shopping has introduced have made many tired footed individuals very happy indeed. But does the hassle-free lure of online shopping stand true for buying a pair that is deeply personal like glasses?


Can get tricky



Buying glasses can be tricky. Each pair is custom-made to a wearer’s specific needs both prescribed and personalized. There are some things that you must take into consideration when purchasing glasses online. The material of your frame, the shape of your face, the grade of your prescription and other details like UV protection, price and tints.

Going to a physical optical store gives you the benefit of an expert who can assist you when things become overwhelming. Without the assistance of a specialist, ordering online becomes a whole different story.

Here is rundown of the tips to buy eyeglasses online and things you must expect:


Read Up

The experience of buying glasses online starts with the product catalogue. Go through the different models that are displayed on the site. If you find a type you like, read up on it. Check out the available colors, get to know its features: whether it is made of plastic or metal, or whether its hinges are made of spring or not. Some sites will offer an application where you can upload a photo of yourself so you can try on different pairs virtually.


The Perfect Vision



Of course prior to the style comes the business of the prescription of your lenses. In order to find your truest vision, your pupils must hit the optical center of your glasses. The fitting doctor needs your PD to make this possible.

The PD is the distance between your pupils; most online stores go about it the easiest way and ask you to have your PD taken by your eye doctor or optician. Some however will give you step by step instructions so that you can measure it on your own with the help of a mirror have a friend measure it for you.


You Got Mail

Once you have this data and have found the type of frames that you would like, you simply input this information on your order form. Like any other product, you can pay for your purchase using your preferred method. You will receive your package in the mail in two weeks or less.



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