Transition Lenses

Transition Lenses

What to Do When Ultraviolet is out to Get You: Transition Lenses Protect



Transitions are a brand name and one of the most advanced Photochromic lenses in the market today. Some other ways people refer to Photochromics are Reactolite, Reactions or even Graduations. Photochromics are clear lenses that become tinted when hit by UV light. The shade of the tint depends on the amount of UV present.


UV special

The genius of the Photochromic lenses lies in the fact that your look may change many times in one day, appearing as if you were sporting a new pair of glasses at different intervals. It could produce the palest tint even on a dull day and then turn dark on a bright afternoon when more UV is present. Without the presence of any UV light, as in indoors or at night, it will return to its base clear color.


Protection and fashion conscious

Aside from being quite stylish, the color changing is in fact a scientific approach to eyewear. The amount of protection needed according to the strength of harmful UV rays present is what the glasses will manifest. You get protection mixed with fashion, which is what makes these Photochromic lenses very popular with most individuals.



Transition power

In standard plastic and polycarbonate lenses (1.6 and 1.67), transitions are also available. In fact, these types of lenses are the fastest reacting lenses today. These lenses react into sunglasses in less than one minute. But clearing period to take longer to take effect.


A driving champ

Reactolite is another popular brand in Photochromic lens. They are preferred by many individuals because of the visibility it provides when used for driving. In other words, they work quite well behind a car’s windshield as opposed to Transitions. The downside to this brand however is that it takes longer to react with the UV rays and is a little on the heavy side.

If a manufacturer could come up with a model that provides satisfaction in all of these areas, the world would definitely be a better place.



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