Visual Fatigue

Visual Fatigue

Increases use of computers,portable gadgets leading to more visual fatigue and discomfort



Our eyes are one of the most important organs of our bodies and they need to be taken care of just as we take care of our other useful belongings. Since the last few decades, there has been an increasing advancement in the field of science and technology resulting in a very common use of audiovisual devices.

These devices have now become so much essential that most of the world’s population is now using mobiles, computers, laptops, digital devices, video games and other such devices at their homes as well as their work places.

This increased use of computers and portable gadgets is now leading to more visual strain and discomfort. This is particularly true in case of individuals who spend most of their day in front of these devices.

Either working on computers and laptops whole day, or playing video games or sending or receiving messages on mobile phones; all imparts a continuous strain on eyes leading to such common complains as headache, watering of eyes, fatigue and eye strain. This strain is Called Computer Eye Strain.



According to a very recent report published on January 31st, 2012, it is shown that the digital work imparts very high demands on one’s vision leading to discomfort. This report lists the problems resulting from continuous staring of a computer screen or small mobile screens as blurred vision, dry eyes, and irritation in eyes, backache, neck ache and photosensitivity.

This report describes certain factors which are the basis of these problems including reduced light and other factors. It also advises some tips regarding the correct adjustment of monitor and good light source which can help to reduce such discomforts. It also includes explanations about why people having an excessive use of these devices blink less frequently.

This study is an important depiction of a very common problem arising these days due to an excessive use of the digital devices. It is true that these devices are equally important these days, yet certain precautions and proper measures taken in use of these devices can help a lot in preventing common visual problems.




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