Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er




Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er is a waterproof eyeliner formula in a precision pen. The liquid formula can last all day without smudging or fading. The product has been inspired by Marc Jacob’s favorite calligraphy pen.

The proprietary capillary system provides the perfect definition of the finest lines. Its calligraphy precision tip is not only perfect in drawing those thin fine lines with ease but also for making thick, bold lines.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er is available in 2 shades: Cocoa Lacquer (brown) and Blacquer (Shiniest, deepest black).

Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er has an airtight, snap closure to keep the formula fresh and avoid drying. A 0.016 oz/0.5 mL eyeliner pen retails for about $30.

In order to draw precise lines along the lash line, start by drawing from the desired area of the eye using small, controlled sweeps until the whole lash line has been painted.



Consumer Reviews of Marc Jacobs Beauty Magic Merc’er


Positive Feedback:

  • It doesn’t dry up and stops working after few applications just like other liners. I’ve kept them for months and it still works like brand new every time I use it.

  • It’s highly pigmented. It has a very rich black.

  • It’s easy to apply and easy to remove.

  • Perfect for the waterline.

  • It makes drawing the finest lines easy. It’s perfect for beginners like me. Two words: PRECISION and CONTROL.

  • I use it daily for more than 8hrs a day and I love the fact that it doesn’t transfer to my lids. No need to worry looking like a mess after a long day at work.

  • It dries quickly in seconds and won’t budge once it’s dry. Expect it to be intact until the end of the day. Amazing staying power!

  • Maybe not an important point but I love how the pen fits perfectly in my hand; better handling just makes it easier for me to apply eyeliner. It also looks like a stylus; it’s pretty sleek and stylish.

  • It works well with my oily lids and sensitive eyes.

  • Perfect for my cat eyes.

  • Despite the price, I believe it’s worth the investment.



Negative Feedback:

  • Too expensive. I’ll probably consider getting another one if it goes on sale.

  • The spongy tip doesn’t last long. I had to trim it several times to keep it as precise as it used to.

  • It was darker at first use, after few weeks of use it doesn’t look as pigmented as it used to. I had to apply several times to get my desired look.


Most of its users have been satisfied with the quality of the product supported by a very high satisfactory rating. It does stand to its promise of definition, precision, and control. The unique calligraphy pen isn’t just stylish; it also makes application easier and smoother even for the most inexperienced eyeliner user.

The waterproof formula seems to last the entire day withstanding sweat and moisture. It seems to work well on oily lids too. It has an amazing staying power without smudging, transferring, or fading. It’s pricey, but seems to be worth the money.



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