Focus Dailies Lenses

Focus Dailies Lenses

Focus Dailies Lenses





For anyone on the go, Focus Dailies are a breath of fresh air. It is the only disposable contact lenses with AquaRelease Technology.


What is AquaRelease Technology?

Focus Dailies Lenses release a unique moisturizer every time you blink, keeping your contact lenses fresh and comfortable all day. These contacts use an ingredient that is also found in comfort drops, meaning that they really are supremely comfortable.


Can patients with Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivitis use it

The FDA has cleared focus dailies lenses for reducing symptoms of Seasonal Allergic Conjunctivis (SAC) for contact wearers. Clients with a history of severe SAC reported less symptoms of burning and redness when using Focus Dailies than they did while using their usual daily contact lenses. This is fantastic news for anyone with seasonal allergies that wishes to continue wearing contacts regardless of the season.




Focus Dailies 30pk contact lenses and 90 pk contact lenses

Happy patients have pointed out that Focus lenses are uniquely affordable, costing about a dollar a day for a year’s supply.

For people on the go, particularly those suffering from seasonal allergies, these are too good a bargain to pass up. Comfort, convenience and clear vision: what more could you need? These contacts are suitable for any life-style, including the very active.

Like all daily contacts, Focus Dailies boast convenience as a major selling point. There is no storage and no cleaning when using daily contacts and they offer the benefit of being the optimum lens for maximum ocular health.

Because they are disposed of at the end of the day, they never get a chance to collect dust, pick up scratches or grow bacteria, making each day a clear, fresh day.

These lenses are also enhanced with Visitint so that seeing and handling the lenses for insertion is as easy as it can possibly be. Experience freedom first-hand with no-hassle and no muss Focus Dailies.


Product Details of Focus Dailies Lenses

Diameter: 13.8

Base Curve: 8.6

Power Range: -0.50 - +6.00

Material: Nelfilcon A 31%

Water Content: 55%





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