Focus Dailies Toric Lenses

Focus Dailies Toric Lenses

Focus Dailies Toric Lenses





Focus Dailies Toric Contact lenses claim the proud title of the world’s first daily disposable contact lens specifically designed to accommodate people with astigmatism.

When it comes to hygiene, it’s impossible to beat a daily disposable lens and unfortunately, those with astigmatism have been without that option for entirely too long. Focus Dailies has, however, conquered that mountain by manufacturing a toric lens that is not only capable of providing excellent vision; it is also soft, comfortable and healthy.

These lenses are perfect for the adventurers and activity enthusiasts of the astigmatic world.

Now it’s no longer necessary to be concerned about broken classes or cracked lenses as the playing field has been levelled by providing active people with astigmatism a contact lens that is as convenient as it is comfortable.

AquaRelease technology is one of the trademarks of the Focus Daily line of contact lenses by Ciba Vision. This unique material releases the same agent throughout the day that is found in comfort drops. This ensures that the wearer’s eyes remain comfortable all day long, without any of the redness or itching that so often plagues those who wear contacts.




In fact, the FDA has approved the statement that Nelfilcon A may actually provide relief for those people who suffer from seasonal allergy conjunctivitis.

Not only is the material uniquely capable of providing a barrier on the eyes that protects them from irritants, the lenses are Dailies, which means they never get a chance to collect dust, pollen or other irritants that have made wearing contacts impossible for people with allergies in the past.

People with astigmatism know that finding the right contact lens is a real challenge. It doesn’t have to be that way, now that Focus Dailies Toric contact lenses are available in both 30 pack and 90 pack packages.


Product Details of Focus Dailies Toric Lenses



Base Curve


Power Range

- 8.00 - + 4.00


Nelfilcon A

Water Content





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