For Flexibility and Extra Convenience Use Focus Dailies Toric Lenses

For Flexibility and Extra Convenience Use Focus Dailies Toric Lenses

For Flexibility and Extra Convenience Use Focus Dailies Toric Lenses





Focus Dailies Toric Lenses come with the combination of a few technologies to ensure high quality and comfort. Dailies Tri Curve Design technology gives consistently thin and comfortable lens edge. To ensure stability across all power it uses Constant Thickness Differential.

Dual thin zone design of Focus Dailies Toric Lenses gives ultimate comfort and stability, and the Toric Back Surface Design gives more stable vision. Combination of all these technologies has empowered this contact lens with top class quality and maximum wearing comfort.

If you wear contact lens just only for sports events or while going for a short trip you can easily find Focus Dailies Toric Lenses as the best option. It is also a reliable one for regular contact lens wearer.




Basically Focus Dailies Toric Lenses are designed for the people with astigmatism to give flexibility and extra convenience. It is also a better option for on-the-go lifestyle. This type of contact lens uses nelfilcon A polymer as its Hydragel material that moisturizes the eye surface and gives freshness.

Reports show that the percentage of this hydragel material in this contact lens is approximately 31%, and it includes 61% of water content. This type of contact lenses is available in the market as 30 pcs and 90 pcs packet.

Experiments show that Focus Dailies Toric Lenses have the capability to combine great vision, comfort and convenience at a time, and it is the main reason behind its popularity. It is specially designed to resist deposit formation which ensures freshness of eye and healthy environment on the surface.

As it is a daily disposable contact lens so you have to start your day with a new pair. Most interesting matter is that you do not have to insert extra wetting agent in to the lens to keep your eye fresh and to get rid of dryness.

Finally, it is necessary to mention that you have to follow the prescribed instructions of your eye specialist to use Focus Dailies Toric Lenses. Start your day with Dailies Toric Lenses and have ultimate fun and comfort.




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