Worst Foods for Eyesight

Worst Foods for Eyesight

What Pizza Really Means to Your Eye Vision ?


In the last decade, there’s been wide acceptance among health professionals that nutrition plays a very important role in eye vision. Patients with eye problems are discovering that they have quite a bit of control over what’s happening to their eye vision when they pay attention to their diet. These eye disorders include macular degeneration, glaucoma, nearsightedness, farsightedness, cataracts and other eye problems.

By including or excluding certain foods or beverages into your diet, you can actually assist your ophthalmologist in his attempts to save your vision and/or recover your eyesight.


Top Worst Foods for Eyesight

One of the worst food for eyes and vision is pizza. Now, you may be saying to yourself, “How can I ever give up pizza? It’s such an easy food to make for lunch or dinner. The kids love it and sometimes I can even make it from scratch and it’s heavenly! I add tons of vegetables and come on; those are good for my eyesight. Vegetables don’t cause eye problems and I know that tomatoes are good for everyone. And did I tell you that I use low fat cheese?”

Well, here’s the problem with pizza: very small, minute compounds in the pizza called AGEs (Advanced Glycation Endproducts).

These AGEs contribute to retinopathy, macular degeneration, cataracts and every other eye problem. They speed up aging-related changes in the eyes.


How Bad It Could Get

Some experts go so far as to say that they fear what will happen to today’s children – the Pizza Generation – 10 years from now when the body starts manifesting all the damage that has been done with the AGEs. They say that health problems are going to be in epidemic proportions, and that includes vision problems.

Imagine in the worst-case scenario what life would be like if a great proportion of society is blind. Who would be able to take care of the blind if everyone is going blind? Society would shut down. On a more personal basis, the worst that can happen to you is that you lose your eyesight.


How Different Foods Compare in AGEs

The level of AGEs in one serving of pizza is 6,875 kiloUnits. That’s only one serving so if you eat two servings, the number is 13,750. Three servings or three slices is 20,625. Damage with AGEs happens at low levels in the body all the time, and the experts want you to keep your level for the entire day to less than 12,000.

With two servings of pizza, you’ve already exceeded 12,000 – without adding up all the other foods you ate for the day!

That means that you have set physiological reactions in motion that will guarantee that bad vision is on its way.


Here’s a short list of some other foods and their AGEs content; all measured in kiloUnits per serving:

Raw tomato


Raw onion


Mozzarella cheese


Processed American Cheese


Peanut butter


Roasted almonds


Roasted cashews


Roasted walnuts


Meatball boiled for 1 hour in sauce


Meatloaf, crust off


Roast beef


Egg, boiled 10 minutes


Grilled broccoli


Canned carrots


Canned green beans


Now you know the truth about pizza. Even though pizza can contain many good vegetables, cheese high in protein and calcium and is easy to make for a meal, it's one of the worst foods for eyesight and it’s just not worth the risk of losing your eye vision later.


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