Frequency 38 Contact Lens

Frequency 38 Contact Lens

Frequency 38 Contact Lens





Durability is an important feature in a monthly contact lens. Frequency 38 lens was designed as an even more durable, more hydration and deposit resistant version of CooperVision’s Frequency 55 contact lenses. This will cause less cloudy and less feeling of gritty and dryness. This advantage comes from less water content (38%) in Frequency 33 comparing to 55% in Frequency 55.

Packaged in a similar way, Frequency 38 lenses come in boxes of 6, with four boxes providing a year’s supply of happy, clear vision. These lenses are a great choice for people who need a lower water content lens. These lenses offer more dehydration resistance at the same time as a high level of durability.

Patented UltraSync manufacturing and a fantastic lens design come together in these lenses to offer you superior performance no matter what your lifestyle’s demands may be. As these are meant to be worn as daily contents and disposed of after 1-2 weeks, these lenses offer you a high level of durability without the build-up potential and care concerns of extended wear lenses.

If you’re looking for a lens that meets you halfway for your daily routines, this is the lens for you. These lenses are known for their outstanding comfort, proven performance and superior handling, making them the perfect choice for anyone who enjoys clear vision with zero hassle.

Like all Frequency products, these contacts are slightly tinted, making handling and insertion much easier to do in a hurry. The tinting will not affect your vision nor will it change the color of your eyes.





As these contacts were designed for people that need a lower water content in mind, they compare in sharp contrast to other types of contacts, with a water content of only 38% (hence their name).

Therefore, if you happen to come across these while hunting for awesome lenses, definitely give them a try! A lens that has a low water content while maintaining superior comfort is truly a gem of a find.


Product Details of Frequency 38 Contact Lens



Base Curve:


Power Range:

-8.00, +8.00 D. This type of lens can’t be used by patients with astigmatism or presbyopia.


Polymacon 62%




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