Frequency 38 Contact Lens is Patented with UltraSync Technology

Frequency 38 Contact Lens is Patented with UltraSync Technology

Frequency 38 Contact Lens is Patented with UltraSync Technology





Frequency 38 Contact Lens comes to the market with the combination of superior lens design technology and UltraSync manufacturing system. It is a daily wear contact lens having low water content, and clinical reports show that it is the perfect alternative to Frequency 55. This type of contact lenses are especially designed for the patients those who require availability of at least 38% water polymacon.

Its UltraSync manufacturing system is nicely combined with unparalleled lens design. This daily disposable contact lens gives an exceptional level of comfort with durability and freshness.

Clinical reports show that Frequency 38 Contact Lens is made of high quality Hydragel materials that resist formation and development of deposits. Thus it provides long time wearing comfort. Frequent replacement of contact lens means cleaner contact surface and healthy eye condition. As Frequency 38 offers daily replacement schedule, this type of contact lens is going to be the perfect choice for you.

Basically this Frequency 38 daily disposal contact lens is prescribed for the people who are going to use lens first time. Eye specialists prefer this type of daily disposal contact lenses than others due to its high dehydration resisting capability.




Combination of both UltraSync and superior lens design is really a new application in the field of contact lens design, and it results in outstanding performance and all day long comfort.

Frequency 38 contact lenses are highly advantageous to the point that it can be easily spotted with its visibility tint. Most interesting matter is that its tint will not bring changes to your eye color. Special tint design of Frequency 38 is subjected to aid in locating contact lenses in solution.

Lab test report shows that it holds 62% polymer elements as its hydragel material to ensure proper breathability. The use of this polymacon hydragel confirms availability of adequate oxygen in your eye surface.

In fine, it is necessary to mention that Frequency 38 contact lenses are highly deposit resistant, healthy and easy to wear. For challenging work zones and daily uses you can take it as your perfect choice. But you must consult with an experienced eye specialist before using Frequency 38 contact lens.




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