Frequency 55 Aspheric Contact Lens

Frequency 55 Aspheric Contact Lens

Frequency 55 Aspheric Contact Lens




If a mild astigmatism has made wearing contacts difficult for you, we’ve got good news. Frequency 55 Aspheric contact lenses were designed with people like you in mind. The design of an aspheric contact lens is meant to focus the light coming into the eye on a common and single focal point in the back of the eye.

This is not the typical contact lens design but it’s perfect for mild astigmatism and makes a dramatic difference in vision for those with astigmatism. Due to the way the light is focused in the back of the eye, aspheric lenses provide clear and precise vision to astigmatic patients.

Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses reduce spherical aberrations. This reduction helps to provide better resolution and depth of focus and are ideal for low lighting situations as well.

These are well suited for driving at night for patients with mild astigmatism as they help reduce halos and glare that plague drivers. Halos and glare are caused by scattered lights which can’t be focused on single point but with these contact lenses, these lights will be focused on a single points and reduce or even eliminate glare and halos.

The lenses are designed to be worn for up to a month at a time, though care should be taken to clean and disinfect them once every seven days. Some people prefer to wear them as daily lenses while others appreciate the convenience of only having to worry about cleaning them once a week.



Ultimately, the decision to wear them as dailies or monthlies is one best made between a patient and their eye care provider.

Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses are a very popular design and as such are sold under many private labels. You may see them offered for sale as Provision Premium Aspheric, CV Encore Premium, or 2Clear Premium.

Cooper Vision is the manufacturer of all of these lenses and regardless of their label; they are the entire exact same product.

Saving money, gaining convenience and keeping comfort are all part of the package when you choose Frequency 55 Aspheric lenses.

Frequency 55 Aspheric Contact Lens Details



Base Curve

8.4, 8.7

Power Range

-10.0 to +8.00


Methafilcon A

Water Content




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