Frequency 55 Contact Lenses

Frequency 55 Contact Lenses

Frequency 55 Contact Lenses​




When it comes to the ideal combination of convenience and performance in a soft lens, it’s hard to compare to Frequency 55 contact lens. Frequency 55 offers outstanding comfort, optimal eye health and superior handling for those hoping to save money with a planned replacement, monthly disposable lens.

These lenses are so popular, in fact that they are sold by many different private labels, including Cooper Flex Envoy and OneVue 55. These products are exactly the same product as Frequency 55 and are all manufactured by Cooper Vision.

If you’re tired of waking every morning and fumbling about for your glasses or having to deal with being nearly blind until you’ve found, washed and put in your contacts, then these lenses may be for you.

Designed to be worn 24hrs a day, continuously, for a month, Frequency 55 lenses offer you the chance to wake up to clear vision every morning. No mussing about putting contacts in at all. Simply get up and start your day clearly, right from the get.

Each box of Frequency 55 contacts contains 6 monthly disposable contact lenses, making a year supply 4 boxes.

These Frequency 55 Sphere contacts are manufactured with patented UltraSync technology which is combines with a superior contact lens design. This process has produced a lens of exception comfort and performance.



Because they are worn for an entire month before disposal, these contacts are ideal for busy people that function best with their contacts in at all times, negating the need for morning and evening routine care.

If you’re on the go constantly and legally blind without vision correction, these may be ideal for you, whatever your lifestyle entails. Frequency 55 saves you money, time and energy all while providing quality and convenience.


Product Details of Frequency 55 Contact Lenses



Base Curve

8.4, 8.7, and 9.0

Power Range

-0.25 - +8.00


Methafilcon A

Water Content




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