Frequency Multifocal Contact Lenses

Frequency multifocal contact lenses for Presbyopia

Frequency multifocal contact lenses for Presbyopia




Balanced Progressive Technology is a unique production method that utilizes two different lenses that work together to provide clarity of vision no matter where you are trying to focus (near, far or in between). What is produced is Frequency 55 Multifocal contact lenses designed specifically for people dealing with various stages of presbyopia.

Presbyopia is when the eyes, generally because of age, don’t focus as well as they used to, making it difficult to transition from looking far away to, say, reading a book. At one point in time, Presbyopic patients had to content themselves with contact lenses as well as a pair of reading glasses. That is no longer the case, thanks to technology such as what is described above.

Frequency 55 Multifocal lenses provide unique quality of vision to Presbyopic patients at an affordable price. Packaged at 6 lenses per box, a year’s supply is 4 boxes.


What is Balanced Progressive Technology?

Balanced Progressive Technology: This technology uses two different, complementary lenses to provide clear vision. One lens is called D, for distance while the other lens is Called N, for Near. These two lenses have two parts, the central spherical part and the peripheral aspheric part.

One lens which can be used on the dominant eye has a central spherical part used for far vision while the peripheral aspherical part can be used for intermediate and near vision.

In the fellow non-dominant eye, the lens has a spherical center for near vision while the peripheral aspherical part can be used for far and intermediate vision.

This option can be changed according to the person and his work. For example a person who reads, writes or uses computer needs to use his dominant eye for near vision and in this case he can wear the lens with central spherical zone for near in his dominant eye.

Because they focus light to the back of the eye in a different way than other lenses, and because two different complimentary lenses are used, people with the early stages of presbyopia can see clearly in contacts regardless of how far or near they are trying to focus.



Product Details and Parameters of Frequency Multifocal contact lenses for Presbyopia



Base Curve


Power Range

-6.00 to +4.00 D


Methafilcon A

Water Content


Cooper Vision is known for producing products that are high quality, durable and comfortable. Frequency Multifocal Contact Lenses are no exception to this expectation. Made from methafilcon A, the lenses remain comfortable for days on end and only require a cleaning once a week. After approximately 30 days, simply dispose of the lenses and put in a fresh pair.

These lenses are the perfect compromise between yearly contacts and dailies, giving you, the wearer more options and helping you to save time and money. Finally, dealing with presbyopia doesn’t have to mean even more hassle than necessary.

No more looking for the last place you left your reading glasses, no more frustrating morning routines. Simply get up, smile at your clear vision, and go.



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