Frequency Toric Contact Lens

Frequency Toric Contact Lens

Frequency Toric Contact Lens​




Crafted with Methafilcon B, Frequency Toric Contact lens is designed to provide clear vision for those who have astigmatism while also allowing for long hours of comfortable wear. These contacts are all about versatility, a feature that can be a challenge to find for an astigmatic patient.

Methafilcon B is a soft but strong material designed to be worn either as a daily lens or for up to a month (though they must be taken out and disinfected at least once every 7 days).

The length of time that is safe for wear depends very much on the patient and their eye care provider’s opinion but with Frequency 55 Toric, astigmatic patients finally have options. Due to the unique problem that astigmatism is, finding lenses that are not only comfortable but also correct a patient’s vision can be difficult.

It is a common experience to find a contact that is comfortable but doesn’t adequately correct vision or vice versa. Consider Frequency Toric Contact Lens if you are tired of this challenge.

Designed and manufactured by CooperVision, these contact lenses are highly resistant to deposits which are what makes them ideal for extended wear. Deposits can be anything from bacteria to dust and all of it can negatively affect a patient’s vision while irritating the eyes at the same time. Methafilcon B resists all potential deposits, providing relief to the wearer.



Even better, the manufacturer knows and understands how difficult handling contacts can be when they’re quite close to being invisible. As such, the lenses are very lightly tinted with Reactive Blue No. 4, providing ease of handling and insertion.

Anyone with an astigmatism that appreciates convenience, comfort and clear vision is an ideal candidate for happiness with Frequency 55 Toric Contact Lenses.


Product Details of Frequency Toric Contact Lens



Base Curve:

8.4, 8.7

Power Range:

+6.00 to -8.00 D

Cylinder Power:

-0.75 to -2.25 D

Cylinder Axis:

10 to 180 degree with 10 degree steps


Methafilcon B

Water Content:




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