Genteal Eye Drops

Genteal Eye Drops

Genteal Eye Drops​




Genteal Eye Drops is a sterile, hypotonic, ophthalmic solution that can be used by patients who have dry eyes symptoms such as gritty or foreign body sensation, burning sensation, irritation and redness.

Genteal has multiple products that can be used according to the severity of dry eye symptoms. Genteal mild drops, Genteal mild to moderate drops and Genteal gel drops. Genteal gel drops are gel in the form of drops and it can be used in severe dry eyes.



Ingredients in Genteal Eye Drops

1- Active ingredients:

Hypromellose 0.3%. Eye drops.1 g of Genteal drops contains 3 mg of hypromellose. After application of this eye drops, the hypromellose solution will absorb water and swell, causing the thickness of the tear-film to increase. This can add more tears volume and lubrication to the cornea.

2- Inactive ingredients:

Sodium chloride, Boric acid, Potassium chloride, Hydrochloric acid and water for injections.

3- Preservatives:

It contains GenAqua preservative system which consists of sodium perborate and diethylenetriamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid. Once this preservative system comes on contact with surface, it will degrade into water and hydrogen peroxide which also will rapidly degrade into water and oxygen by special enzyme called catalase.



Hydrogen peroxide has germicidal or antimicrobial effect. This antimicrobial effect will help to prevent contamination of opened bottle. Genteal can be used with all types of contact lenses, Because of the disappearance of preservative which can’t be participated on the contact lens.



Unopened bottle: 24 months below 25°C. Opened bottle: 4 weeks below 25°C.


Side effects of Genteal Eye Drops


1- Transient blurring of vision after administration, which can stay longer in case of Genteal Gel drops.

2- Allergic reaction to one of its components such as itching, red eye, excessive tearing and burning sensation.

3- If you used this medication and you felt any unusual symptoms such as pain, itching, eyelid swelling, conjunctiva swelling, red eye….etc., you should stop the medication and contact your eye doctor immediately.



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