Eye Surgery For Glaucoma

Eye Surgery For Glaucoma. Peripheral Laser Iridotomy

Eye Surgery For Glaucoma



In case treatment with eye drops and laser for glaucoma failed, we can do surgery which will create a new opening to drain the aqueous fluid from the anterior chamber of the eye to outside and so decrease the intraocular pressure. This kind of surgery is called filtering surgery.


Peripheral Laser Iridotomy

Peripheral Laser IridotomyIn this procedure, the doctor will create a hole in the peripheral part of the iris either surgically or by using laser. This hole will communicate between the posterior chamber and the anterior chamber.

This procedure can be done as a prophylactic procedure for patient who is at risk of closed angle glaucoma or can be part of the treatment plan of patient with closed angle and the Intraocular pressure does not come down with eye drops.



In this surgery, the doctor will create a hole in the trabecular meshwork that will help to drain the fluid.

This kind of procedure is usually done for infant and children with high Intraocular pressure.




This type of surgery is one is the most common glaucoma surgery these days. Read more about Trabeculectomy


Drainage ImplantsDrainage Implants or Shunts

Through this procedure, the doctor will insert a tube inside your eye through a hole in the sclera and near the cornea.

This tube is connected to a plate which is implant on the sclera at the side of the eye and is covered by the conjunctiva. The tube will help to drain the fluid from the anterior chamber to the plate. The most common drainage implant is Ahmad valve.



Canaloplasty Surgery

Advanced non-penetrating, non destructive eye surgery for glaucoma especially for Open Angle Glaucoma that has advantages over trabeculectomy with less post operation complications. Read more about Canaloplasty.



It is a minimum invasive procedure to decrease high intraocular pressure. Comparing to traditional glaucoma surgeries, it has less short term and long term complications. Read more about Trabectome



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