Honey Eye Drops For Eye Health

Honey Eye Drops For Eye Health

Honey Eye Drops For Eye Health​




For ages, traditional medicine has been a part of most households. You won’t expect every house to have a complete set of first-aid and medicine kits. But somehow, someone knows something that works on a specific concern, especially for common ailments. There is almost always a home remedy that can be an alternative to pharmaceutical products ranging from skin care and hair care to therapeutic medicines and so on.

Different food sources have different benefits to the body systems. You might have heard of carrots, leafy vegetables, salmons and a lot more that can help maintain good eyesight. But have you ever heard of the versatility of honey when it comes to eye care?

You can eat raw honey or add it to your favorite foods and recipes for additional nutrients. You can also use it for skin and hair care.



Honey for Dark Circles Under Eyes


As for eye use, a honey eye mask can be concocted mixing honey with a variety of different options. It can be applied on the lids to soothe tired eye and deal with those nasty wrinkles and dark circles under eyes.


Honey for Dry Eyes


An eye wash can also be made by dissolving honey in warm water. A honey eye wash can be used to relieve symptoms of dry eyes and treat the condition.

According to the International Bee Research Association, honey is a better natural remedy for dry eyes compared to artificial tears.

Probably a less common method of preparing honey is making an eye drop from it to cure certain eye diseases. But several studies have actually been conducted to prove the safety and efficacy of honey as treatment for certain eye conditions.

The use of honey for the treatment of eye diseases has long been practiced since the ancient times. And as time goes, it was found that honey has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that can be taken advantage of for its therapeutic benefits.



Honey Eye Drops for Conjunctivitis and Blepharitis


Due to its antibacterial properties, honey was found to be effective in curing bacterial conjunctivitis and blepharitis.


Honey eye drops for Optic Nerve Health


Honey can help in increasing the production of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps to increase blood flow in the eye and lower the eye pressure by increasing the outflow of eye fluid (aqueous humor). Due to its intraocular pressure (IOP) lowering effect, It is useful to use honey eye drops for glaucoma.


Honey Eye drops for Corneal Abrasions and Endotoxin-induced Keratitis


A study was conducted on the effect of topically applied honey on wounded corneas and endotoxin-induced keratitis in rats. It was found that healing of the corneal epithelium is faster with honey application on wounded corneas. It also reduced the inflammation in the cornea.

The study also investigated its effects in intact corneas and concluded that short-term use of honey can be safe in healthy, intact corneas.


Precautions when you use Honey Eye Drops

  • If a commercially prepared honey will be used, make sure it’s pure and not acidic, as acidic honey can cause eye discomfort. Honey acidity usually varies based on the floral sources which might be indicated in the product label. For best results, fresh and untreated honey is recommended.

  • It is advised to consult an eye care professional before using honey for topical application on the eye. In case of any allergic reaction, stop use of honey and seek medical advice


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