Treatment of Keratoconus

Treatment of Keratoconus with corneal rings © 2019 American Academy of Ophthalmology

Treatment of Keratoconus depends on the severity of the condition



1- Corneal Collagen Cross-linking c3

Patients with good vision at presentation should be treated with corneal collage cross-linking procedure with Riboflavin eye drops. This procedure with stabilize the cornea and prevent it from change its shape. It will do that by increasing the cross linking between the collages.

By this step your eye doctor will ensure that your vision will not deteriorate and your condition will not progress with time. It can be done also for patients with iatrogenic keratoconus and also after corneal rings implants. Read more about Corneal Collagen Cross Linking.


2- Treatment of the risk factors

The next step will be to eliminate the risk factors like eye rubbing from allergic conditions, chronic eye irritation or poor fitted contact lens.


3- Eyeglasses

This is usually the first line of treatment. Not all patients will be improved with this step. You have to know that eye glasses will not step the progressive of keratoconus.



4- Contact Lenses

Which can be either soft contact lens for patients with mild keratoconus or hard contact lenses which can be used for more advanced condition. The hard smooth surface of the hard contact lens will eliminate the irregular shape of the cornea and this will help to focus the lights to one spot. But also not all patients will be improved with this step. You have to know that both eyeglasses and contact lenses will not stop the progression of keratoconus. Only cross linking can do so. Contact Lenses for Keratoconus are:

1- Gas Permeable Contact Lenses

2- Hybrid Contact Lenses

3- Scleral Contact Lenses 


5- Corneal Rings

This procedure received approval from FDA for keratoconus treatment. In this procedure, a special ring will be implanted inside the cornea. These implanted rings will change the conical shape of the cornea to more regular one. Also not all patients will be improved with this procedure. These rings have the advantages of being removable and exchangeable with minimum complications.

This procedure can’t prevent the progression of the keratoconus but it can delay or slow the progression of it. Sometimes, your eye doctor will do corneal rings, and if you are happy with your vision, he can do cross linking to stabilize the cornea.


6- Corneal Transplant

This procedure can be done for patients who have severe conical shaped keratoconus and who didn’t show any improvement with the previous measurements. Also It can be done for patients with corneal scars due to hydrops.



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