Kids Safety Glasses

Kids Safety Glasses

Kids Safety Glasses




Did you know that tens of thousands of traumatic eye injuries occur every year? Sadly, many of these accidents could have been prevented with the right protective eyewear. Every member of your family should be protected – including your kids.


Why do children need Safety Goggles?


The risk of injuries varies by activity, but it's a safe bet that your children engage in at least one or two activities that call for protective wear. Sports are the most common activities your children participate in that call for protective glasses.

The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends that all athletes, regardless of age or sport, wear appropriate safety goggles fitted for them by an eyecare professional. Properly fitted protective glasses won't impair their game, but it may well save their sight. Many kids sports leagues now require their athletes to wear protective eyewear.

Safety goggles can protect your child's eyes from balls, bats, dirt, and other projectiles and debris on the playing surface. If your child wears glasses, a pair of protective glasses for sports use will protect their everyday glasses from being broken. It is also important to wear impact resistant lenses, rather than regular lenses which may shatter mere millimeters from your child's face if they are hit by a ball.



Your kids' sports safety goggles should be sport-specific with polycarbonate lenses, which provide the highest level of protection from an impact. Many of these lenses will protect your child's eye from a ball traveling at up to 90 miles per hour, a rate at which ordinary eyeglasses would shatter.

There are various styles of kids safety glasses, ranging from eyeglasses with impact-resistant frames to goggles to a full face mask. There is eye protection designed for baseball, hockey, football, basketball, lacrosse, fencing, paintball, and many other sports posing a risk for your child's eyes.

Though sports-specific eyewear are the most common forms of kids safety glasses, there are other activities that call for safety goggles. Does your child ever join you or another family member in the wood shop in your garage? Woodworking always calls for safety goggles, no matter your age.



Even if your child is standing off to the side watching and not actively participating, sawdust and larger pieces of wood can fly out of the machinery at speeds that can cause serious damage. Make sure your child's eyes are protected with safety goggles that are appropriately sized for their head.

Finally, don't forget about protection for the sun. Whether your child plays competitive sports or just enjoys an afternoon sitting around in the sun, their eyes should be protected from the sun whenever they are outdoors. Choose sunglasses that have UV filtering capabilities. 100% UV protection is available in a variety of styles, from eyeglasses with tinted lenses to sports goggles with a UV coating.

While having fun, kids don't realize the importance of safety. As an adult, it is your responsibility to make sure your child is wearing the right protective eyewear if they are engaging in a potentially dangerous activity.



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