Know How Dangerous Screen Time Can Be For Your Kids

Know How Dangerous Screen Time Can Be For Your Kids

Know How Dangerous Screen Time Can Be For Your Kids



Like technology, nowadays kids are also advanced and they are not the same we were back then rather they are more prone to technological gadgets. We cannot really blame the kids for this problem as parents tend to be busy at work and since both the parents work so kids rarely get time from them and this makes them addicted to gadgets and when we say gadgets we literally mean mobile phone or TV, computer or video games and besides the mental damage it also causes vision damage and many other problems can also occur.

Today life has become so digitilized that children hardly step out in the ground to play a game of soccer rather they would prefer would stay back at home a play soccer video game and this is how technology is taking over people with every single day though the technology is for our well being.

Most parents always wonder is screen time bad for kids? Well it is definitely bad for kids and there is no second thought on this fact but the question here is how many problems and what type of problem would kids face if they would have excessive screen time.

If you are also worried about this fact and wonder about the negative aspects then here is everything about screen time listed below that you need to check out so that you can control your kid’s screen time so that they can be saved from the evil side of the screen time.



What is actually screen time?

What is the initial problem of having too much of screen time


The time a person spends in front of digital displays, working on them is known as screen time and everyone have their own screen time of a day and also the effect varies from person to person so some people may suffer more than the other even if the screen time would be the same.

You would be amazed to know that kids in America are assumed to have about 2 hours of screenplay and the survey has been reported by the parents and the sad part is that even parents fail to count the screen time of their kid and most of the time kids stare at the screen that parent doesn’t even count. With the passing time, the screen time of kids is increasing and now people are so addicted to such gadgets that you would hardly be able to take away the gadget form them.

Now mobile phones have become a new trend and kids are crazy about and living a day without a cell phone in like living a day at the prison for them. Since kids grow up with a cell phone instead of toys so it is tough to get them away from such gadgets.



What is the initial problem of having too much of screen time?

You would be amazed to know that if your kid would have too much of screen time then the kid would able to get bad effects soon and it simply takes 6 months or so to develop issues. If you are wondering about the issues that your kids can have is he/she would spend too much of time in front of digital media then some of them are listed below that you need to check out.


Headache caused by having too much of screen time


It is the most common problem that can even take place within one day and it can last for a too long period of time. No one wants to see their kids in pain but such exposure to the screen can lead to headache in such young age and kids rarely can bear such severe pain however this goes away after a good sleep but it keeps on coming back as well.

Medicines can help but too much of it can be even more dangerous for your kids so whenever you want to give painkillers to your kid, just make sure to consult with a doctor first.



Neck/shoulder pain

Neck and shoulder pain


Neck or shoulder pain is also common in this case and kids mostly suffer from the same though adults also suffer from this problem way too often. Here you would hear your kids complaining about pain while they would try to turn their neck and shoulder.

Parents often assume that the pain caused by too much of workload but a kid hardly get any such workload which can cause such pain in the body. A good massage would give initial relief but yoga and stretching would help your kid a lot.

Eye problem

Dry eyes caused by too much of screen time


This, however, doesn’t take place in a month or two rather it takes years to make a person suffer. So only if your kid’s screen time is way too much then the only eye-related issue would be seen and there are so many kinds of eye problem and an eye doctor can always help in this case. One of the most common eye problem is dry eyes and it can be manifested by red eyes, watery eyes, and too much blinking.

Another common problem is accommodation spasm. There is a muscle inside the eye called ciliary muscle that is responsible for accommodation which is the ability of the eye to change the focus from near to far distance and also from far to near distance. For near distance this muscle is contracted while for far distance this muscle is relaxed. Spasm or fatigue of this muscle can occur with too much of near tasks such as using mobile and it can be manifested as headache, eye pain and blurry vision.



Hearing problem

Hearing problems

This is not that common but kids who play a game with the voice on often fail to hear the poor sound and so they often miss lectures or important discussions about their studies which is the worst thing.

These are some of the most common issues that can take place in your kid is he/she would spend hours in front of the digital screen and if you want to know about more such things you can browse through Healthclubfinder.



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