Lasek Surgery

Lasek Surgery

Lasek Surgery



Patient Evaluation for Lasek Eye Surgery

Patient evaluation is the same as that in Lasik eye surgery.


Before Lasek Surgery

Before Lasek procedure a topical antibiotics can be applied prophylactically and also NSAIDs can be applied for pain.

Patient is positioned on the operating table and the fellow eye is covered.


Lasek Procedure

Skin surround the eye is cleaned and drop of topical anesthesia is applied and the eye is widely opened with lid speculum.

The periphery of the cornea is marked with circles to allow the surgeon to know the reference points to replace the epithelial flap over the corneal bed at the exact position.

Alcohol dispenser consisting of customized 7 or 9 mm semisharp circular well attached to a hollow metal handle serves as a reservoir for the 18-20% alcohol which is ethanol. Firm pressure is applied on the cornea and alcohol is released into the well of the marker. After 25-35 seconds the alcohol is aspirated and then dried with sponge.

This is one of the flap creation techniques. There are several techniques like Camellin flap technique and butterfly technique.



An epithelial flap is created and is left attached at its hinge which can be either superiorly at 12 o’clock or temporally at 9 o’clock.

To separate between the epithelial flap and the stroma, fluid is injected between them which can be either BSS, GenTeal Gel or Celluvisc.

Corneal ablation is done by excimer laser.

After laser ablation, the stroma and the epithelial flap is hydrated and the flap is replaced on the stroma and care must be taken to realign the epithelial flap to its original position using the previous marks.The flap then allowed to dry for 2-5 minutes.


Post Operation Care

Post operation care consists of eye drops, bandage contact lenses and follow up visits to the clinic.

Combinations of antibiotics like tobramycin eye drops or ciprofloxacin eye drops, steroid like. Read more about post operation care



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