Lasik and Dry Eye

Lasik and Dry Eye

Is there any correlation between Lasik and Dry Eye?



Dry Eyes after LASIK is very common problem and it can occur after PRK and other refractive surgeries. The severity of it can range from mild dry eyes to severe dry eyes.

One of the steps in Lasik Surgery is to form corneal Flap with keratome. Creation of corneal flap will cut down the corneal nerves that supply corneal cell layers. These nerves are responsible for sending impulse to tear glands to secret tears.

After the surgery,there will be no nerve impulse and so tears production will decrease. Post lasik surgery recovery, which may takes time from few days to few weeks, there will be regeneration of corneal nerves with the secretion of tears again. Using artificial tears post lasik can be a relief for dry eyes till complete recovery and healing is complete



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