Medications that affect Lasik

Medications that affect Lasik

Medications that affect Lasik



Full details on medications that patients use are very important because there are certain medications that have certain effects on lasik Eye surgery.

Patients on medications that affect the corneal healing process like Retinoic and Steroids. Isotretinoin or Accutane is a medication that used for treatment of acne. One of its complications is causing a dry eye and in this case you will not be able to do lasik surgery until you are off medication and you do not have any signs or symptoms of dry eye.

You should discontinue this medication at least six months before lasik surgery and also 6 months after lasik to decrease the side effect of it on the surgery.

Steroid will delay the healing process of the flap and also it will increase the risk of high intra-ocular pressure.


Other Medications that affect Lasik are:



1- Antihistamines which is used for allergy treatment.

2- Sedatives.

3- Beta Blockers and diuretics which are used for hypertension.

4- Muscle Relaxant.

5- Hormone Replacement Therapy and birth control pills.

6- Antidepressant which can cause dry eyes and also large pupil. These medications will affect the surgery by increasing the risk of dry eye.

7- Medications that are used for erectile dysfunction like Viagra. Viagra can have visual side effects like blurring of vision, increase light sensitivity, double vision, and abnormal color vision.

8- Decongestants which can cause dry eyes.

9- Immunosuppressant drugs which can affect the healing process of corneal wound and also increase the risk of corneal wound infection because these medications will decrease the immunity of your body.

10- Marijuana. It will cause dry eye and also it will cause decrease in intra-ocular pressure in which it can cause difficulty in flap creation. You should tell your doctor all medications that you have.



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