Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

Makeup for Sensitive Eyes

Makeup for Sensitive Eyes



If you’re a lady who loves to look beautiful and glamorous with makeup, but you’ve got sensitive skin, it can be difficult. If this is you, you probably know too well that putting makeup laden with unknown chemicals onto your skin could end with catastrophic results. Rashes, acne, itchiness, and general discomfort are just a few allergic reactions you could suffer when wearing makeup.

If you suffer from eye allergies or sensitive skin, the makeup you wear needs to be natural and gentle. Thankfully today, many eye makeup products have been designed with this in mind, but it’s always better to do research before investing in makeup.

Eye allergies are common, so you need to know you’re not alone. They can be caused by a number of different things from the environment to the eye cosmetics you use. There are literally endless things that can cause your eyes to swell to more than double their size, but this doesn’t mean you have to succumb and give up wearing makeup altogether…in fact it’s quite the opposite!

If you do suffer from eye allergies or skin sensitivity, the makeup you wear around your eyes needs to be light and free of chemicals. There are a number of ingredients in cosmetics that leads to discomfort and irritation. Don’t fall for celebrity endorsements when buying makeup, instead shop around and make sure you read the labels well. Also, your makeup should be fragrance free as added perfumes are known to cause breakouts.

Look out for hypoallergenic products that have been tested by dermatologists and given the okay by ophthalmologists.

Almay cosmetics can be bought almost anywhere from the local drug store to a larger discount store. This particular brand is a cosmetic brand you should be trying. It also supports ladies who wear contact lenses, so it’s not just for allergies…it’s no wonder that Almay makeup has become a hit with women around the world!



Their products are great. Don’t be put off the fact that it isn’t a huge name that you see plastered all over your glossy magazines – this makeup range for ladies with sensitive skin has it all when it comes to hypoallergenic eye makeup.

Almay eyeshadow palette is like no other. The colors are intense from bright colors that will make your eyes pop to the purer natural colors that will enhance your elegance and esteem.

Almay eyeliners are just as great and come in pencil, kohl, and liquid forms. And, if you’re worried about having luscious lashes, it’s not a problem. Almay mascara range has a number of mascaras that thicken and nourish the lashes with just one coat, and they’re also waterproof – what more could you want?

To get the complete look, Almay offers a light concealer that refreshes and enhances you eyes. And, you can’t forget your brows. Brow pencils from Almay, give an extra added boost of fullness and color, resulting in perfect looking natural brows.

Today, there’s no need to fear breaking out when you put on makeup if you’ve got sensitive skin and eyes. Choose wisely, shop around, and remember to test the products first. Let others get lost in your beautiful eyes and remember just because you’ve reacted badly to cosmetics in the past, it doesn’t mean that you’re doomed forever.



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