Biomedics EP Contact Lens (Proclear EP)

Biomedics EP Contact Lens (Proclear EP)

Biomedics EP Contact Lens (Proclear EP)​




Biomedics EP are now known as Proclear EP and are designed specifically to provide crisp, clear vision to people suffering from presbyopia. Offering exceptional intermediate and near vision is what makes these lenses a fantastic value for anyone needing a lens that offers a center spherical distance zone as well as a peripheral progressive aspheric zone for intermediate and near vision.

These lenses are made with Proclear’s patented PC Technology and are primarily comprised of Omafilcon A. This material is comprised of several substances, the most significant of which is naturally found in the membranous cells of the human body: phosphorylcholine (PC).

Omafilcon A contains molecules of PC that do something extraordinary; they attract and surround themselves with water. PC allows the contact lenses to keep themselves moist, all day long, providing comfortable wear even on the longest days!

As the name of the product has changed, it bears mentioning that a new prescription is not required for ordering more of your favorite contact lenses.

If you’ve been enjoying these contact lenses, your prescription doesn’t need to be updated as Proclear EP is the same product.



These lovely contact lenses are crafted with client comfort in mind as well as convenience. All the benefits of one a day contacts are here, including the happy lack of needing to store them or clean them as well as the positive health benefits of not wearing extended lenses.

Furthermore, to make handling them a little easier, Proclear has gone ahead and tinted them slightly, making insertion a breeze.

These lenses fit readily into the lifestyle of any on-the-go person experiencing the difficulties associated with early presbyopia. Designed with your comfort and clear vision in mind, these contacts are a bargain that’s hard to beat.


Product Details and Parameters of Biomedics EP Contact Lens (Proclear EP)



Base Curve


Power Range

-8.00 - +6.00


Omafilcon A

Water Content




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