Proclear Multifocal Toric Lenses

Proclear Multifocal Toric Lenses

Proclear Multifocal Toric Lenses​




Proclear Multifocal Toric Lenses are meant to be worn monthly, meaning that the extended wear comfort they provide is even more important. When considering the convenience, the freedom and the comfort of these lenses, it’s easy to see why they can’t be beat for quality!


Proclear Multifocal Toric lenses can be used by patients who have:



1- Symptoms of Dry Eye Syndrome

Proclear Multifocal Toric lenses are made with the same patented technology that has won the loyalty of Proclear clients for years: PC Technology. Utilizing the molecules of a natural substance found in human membranous tissue (PC), Omafilcon A actually causes the contacts to attract and build a barrier of water on them.

This protects the wearer’s eyes from dust and bacteria at the same time as keeping the lenses moist and comfortable all day long. Read more about Symptoms of dry eyes.



2- Presbyopia

Presbyopia is difficult enough to deal with when it comes to contact lenses, as what’s basically happening is that the eyes of the client are no longer as good at focusing on objects that are near.

This lens is type of progressive contact lenses which can correct for multiple distances. It can correct near, intermediate and far distance.

The front surface of this lens has two parts, the central spherical part and the outer aspherical or non spherical part.

There are two types of proclear multifocal toric lens, The D type and the N type. D stands for Dominant eye while N stands for Non dominant eye.

In D type, the central part will correct the far vision and the diameter of this spherical center part is 2.3 mm. The outer part of D type will correct both intermediate and near vision and the diameter of this part is 8.5 mm.

In the N version, the central part with a diameter of 1.7 mm will correct the near vision while the outer part with diameter of 8.5 will correct both intermediate and far distance.



3- Astigmatism

When you’re also talking about treating Presbyopia and Astigmatism at the same time, things get a bit more complicated! Proclear has done it, though, offering a lens that treats both conditions while still maintaining the highest standards of comfort and breathability as well as maintaining their commitment to crisp, clear vision for all of their clients.

Proclear mutifocal Toric lens is type of multifocal contact lenses with toric component which can correct astigmatism up to -5.75 diapter. To ensure the stability of the lens, inverse prism was built at two positions ( at 3 and 9 o’clock ).


4- Spherical Refractive Errors

This lens can correct a wide range of spherical powers -20.0 to +20.0 Diopter.




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