Proclear Toric Contacts

Proclear Toric Contacts

Proclear Toric Contacts​





Proclear Toric Contacts were designed for those people who have astigmatism. For many years astigmatism meant that wearing contacts wasn’t a practical option for the person suffering from it. Astigmatism can make wearing contacts quite uncomfortable.

Thankfully, that is no longer the case and Proclear Toric lenses are an excellent example of why not. These lenses invite you to experience a comfort level unrivaled by other soft toric lenses, despite astigmatism.

Its comfort is due to PC Technology which allows the Proclear Toric lenses to stay moist and silky even after a prolong period of continuous wear. PC Technology consists of phosphorylcholine (PC) which is a material found naturally in human cell membrane. These materials attract water which enables these lenses to stay so comfortable for so long.

Even for people with a high level of astigmatism (More than -2.25 D) it is possible to enjoy the benefits of Proclear Toric as they also offer an extended range of powers. (Proclear Toric XR Contacts)

As with all Proclear lenses, these soft lenses offer outstanding vision quality and can be replaced with a convenient monthly schedule. These lenses are made up of 59% water and 41% Omafilcon A material (which contains the PC).




The combination of water and Omafilcon A is the key to these uniquely moist lenses. These fantastic contacts offer an oxygen permeability of 34.0 and are safe for extended wear throughout a long day.

Dealing with astigmatism doesn’t have to mean glasses or ocular discomfort any longer. It is now possible to enjoy the sensation of clean, fresh eyes and revel in clear, crisp vision at the same time! Proclear Toric lenses are biocompatible and fit into your lifestyle with ease. Affordably priced and unmatched in comfort, Proclear Toric contacts may be the right fit for you.


Product Details and Parameters of Proclear Toric Contacts



Base Curve


Power Range

-8.0 - +6.00 D


-0.75 - -2.25 D


Omafilcon A

Water Content





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