Proclear Toric XR Contacts

Proclear Toric XR Contacts

Proclear Toric XR Contacts




There are few things on earth that fit a person as well as something that has been custom made specifically for their unique needs. That is certainly true for contacts as well as clothing or shoes. That is why Proclear offers the Proclear Toric XR Contact lenses. Custom made for each client; these lenses are designed for people with severe astigmatism (Up to -5.75 D).

These lenses are a monthly contact lens, meaning you get to change them out more often than once a year. That makes their care easier and of course, affords your eyes the maximum benefits of disposable lenses while reducing your overall cost by providing you with a quality, long term use product.More importantly, these contacts were specifically designed to that virtually anyone with astigmatism can enjoy the freedom of not having to wear glasses.

For many, glasses are a cumbersome object they’d rather do without and until recently, people with astigmatism, particularly severe astigmatism, were stuck with them. Thankfully, that is no longer the case and with Proclear’s Toric XRs, more people than ever before are discovering the freedom of contact lenses.

These lenses enable you to enjoy clean, fresh lenses once every month, which is an important factor in maintaining optimal optical health. Not only that but because these lenses are made by Proclear, they are manufactured using CooperVision’s patented PC Technology.




This means that the lenses utilize the material Omafilcon A to maintain and even attract their own moisture, keeping your eyes clean and fresh and protecting you from dust and bacterial.

These lenses are extremely comfortable, despite their long wear design, and are guaranteed to help you see clearly, no matter how bad your astigmatism is. Keep in mind that these lenses are custom made for the perfect fit for you.

Because their visual assistance is dependent on their being custom crafted, it will take a little extra time to get these in the mail from when you’ve ordered them. Don’t forget to order your replacements soon!


Product Details and Parameters of Proclear Toric XR Contacts



Base Curve


Power Range

-10.0 - +10.00 D


-0.75 TO -5.75 D


Omafilcon A

Water Content




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