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    USA (United States of America)

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    Cataracts removal, eye muscle surgery, and lens implant surgery
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    distance glasses and reading glasses
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I was diagnosed with cataracts as an infant, and had my first surgery removed at eight months old. I have had five surgeries altogether, two to remove the cataracts, one for my eye muscles, and two for lens implants.

I am also nearsighted as a result of the surgeries, and wear two different pairs of glasses, one for reading, and the other for distance, in my every day life. I go to see my eye doctor once a year, and am currently being watched for glaucoma.

During my last visit, in Feb. 2016, my eye pressure was measured at a 28, but I can't remember if it was only in my left eye, or both.

Recently, I have noticed that I am having double vision in my left eye when looking up at a light, or my computer screen.

Am I being paranoid, or would it be better to have my doctor check it out? I go back next month.







Thanks for your Question

I would prefer to visit your eye doctor again to check intraocular pressure. Normal intraocular pressure should be between 10-20 mmHg and yours was 28 which is higher than normal. You  should start on Anti Glaucoma Eye Drops.


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