Blurred vision with chest infection

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I had strep throat last weekend. I had a sore throat, headaches, and threw up. I also had a high fever.

Ever since then, my body has recovered but I have had blurry vision. It has not gone away.

Will this go away by itself, or will I be stuck with this vision forever?

It's been about a week, and everything else has healed.







Thanks for your Question

There are many causes of blurred vision with chest infection and the most common causes is conjunctivitis with corneal involvement. Most of the time this is transient and should go away by itself.

Another cause is vitreous or retinal hemorrhage from severe coughing and vomiting. Coughing and vominting can increase pressure inside blood veins such as those inside the eye.

There are many causes of blurred vision with chest infection but not that common. 

I would recommend that you visit your eye doctor in case you have persistent or worsening of  vision

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