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I recently got pink eye and so i've spent the last couple hours spraying everything in the house with bleach and doing laundry.

I got these eye drops from when i had my eyes lasered a few months ago called ZYMAR, is it good enough?

Should i go in to get something better?

Is there any thing else i can do?

I'm on a tight budget and i dont have insurance yet.

Also ive been taking hydrocodone for the pain(over the counter pain killers dont work on me)







Thanks for your question

There are many causes of pink eye but the most common causes are viral and bacterial conjunctivitis. Zymar is good for bacterial conjunctivitis but not for viral one. Don't use Zymar eye drops if it had been open for more than a month.

Viral conjucntivitis can be treated with a combined steroid and bacterial eye drops such as tobradex eye drops in which you can't pay it with eye doctor prescription. 

I recommend that you visit your eye doctor if pink eyes last more than 3 days. In case there is blurred vision and severe pain you should visit the emergency department as soon as possible. MeanWhile, you can use lubricant eye drops


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