How to prevent retinal detachment ?

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I have a question, I had an eye exam last week and was told I have a thin layer that could lead to retina detachment and that could lead to blindness.  

Since the exam I've  been suffering with eye pain and blurriness and also sensitivity to light.

My question is what steps can I take or what should I try to do to help my situation? 







Thanks for your Question

There is nothing to be done to prevent retinal detachment other than regular follow up with your eye doctor. The risk of retinal detachment is less then 1 percent if you have peripheral retinal degenerations or thin retina. But if you have thin retina with retinal holes or breaks, the risk of retinal detachemt is very high and these holes or breaks should be sealed with laser as soon as possible.

In your case, regular examination is very important and you should visit your eye doctor as soon as posssible if you notice sudden appearance of eye floaters, flashes of lights, blurred vision or gradual reduce peripheral vision.

Blurred vision and light sensitivity are due to dilated pupil from eye examination or eye dryness from the examination and should disappear within few days, if not, you should visit your eye doctor


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