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I am a 19 year old female and i have worn contact lenses for a long time. For the past couple of days i have noticed that when i wear my contacts the area around my pupil in my left eye goes red.

The last time this happened i was given drops for conjunctivitis. could it be that again or could it be the fact that my eyesight is going worse?

I have also noticed that my left eye is smaller than my right. this has been since before the red eye. can you please help me i am worried.

Thank you






Thanks for your Question
It could be that you have bacterial eye infections related to contact lenses or you could have other complications of contact lenses such as poor fitting contact lenses, dry eye, corneal deposits, allergy to lenses or contact lenses solution. These complications can cause blurred vision with red eye.
Sometimes, red eye can appears smaller than the other eye.
I always advise my patients who are contact lenses wearer to visit an eye doctor as soon as possible if they notice eye redness, discharge, pain or blurred vision, because it is always better to rule out bacterial eye infections which if not treated well, can cause many complications.
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