Complications of Posterior Capsular Opacity

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I am a 53 yo male who underwent cataract surgery less than a year ago. I started notice a slight decrease in my distance acuity in the past 2 months. The diagnosis is PCA and a YAG treatment recommended to rectify.

Is there any risk with not having the surgery? I am concerned about having the procedure as there is a significant history of retinal detachment in the eye concerned.

So what would I expect if the opacity is not corrected? Would it get worse? Will intraocular pressure increase? Is there any harm that could be created?







Thanks for your Question
Posterior capsular opacity after cataract surgery will increase gradually with time which can cause decreasing in visual acuity. It is treated for one time by YAG laser. There are no medications or eye drops can be used to treat it.

Other than gradual decreasing in visual acuity, there are no complications of leaving it.
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