Blepharitis? Keratitis? Both?

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    I've had with no positive results combination steroid/antibiotic drops and steroid drops along with doxycycline oral 100mg 2x daily.
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I've about had it with the situation I'm in with my eyes: I have not responded to treatment for keratitis or blepharitis and I've suffered vision loss in my right eye. 20/50.

The corner of the eye in question and under the eyelid is gray and has discharge with a smell - that wasn't the case when I presented with problems first off. I feel constant pressure that I can't do anything about. I am so frustrated I'm supposed to be young and healthy.

I did get a referral from my PCP to see a rheumatologist a couple of years ago and I never went. Now I'm wondering if I should have and if I'm dealing with something more autoimmune. Help! What is this?







Thanks for your question


I would recommend that you visit rheumatologist. Autoimmune disease can cause severe dry eyes that don't respond well to artificial tears but I can improve dramatically with systemic treatments of the primary autoimmune disease .

There is restasis eye drops or cyclosporine eye drops that can be used for severe persistent dry eyes due to autoimmune disease.


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