Can i have permanent lens implant in my eye

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    USA (United States of America)

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    I took a piece of wood to the eye at 13 yrs of age
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    Had my intraocular nature lens or cataract removed
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I have a fear of hospitals, after many conversations with family members, I have decided to inquire about having permanent lens inserted in eye. This surgery wasn't available years ago.

The eye has become weak and I believe having this done will help correct the problem. Is this a viable option and if so, whats the process like?







Thanks for your Questionphakic intraocular lens


Yes you can have artificial intraocular lens implantation but you have to visit your eye doctor. It is simple surgical procedure which can be done under local or general anaesthesia.


Your eye doctor will do full ocular examination from visual acuity before the surgery and how much your vision can be after the implantation, intraocular pressure and retina examination. He will also do some tests to determine the power and type of intraocular lens.


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