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Hello Doctor,

I’m a student. My friends and I got eye strain including dryness and redness very frequently these days, maybe because we are studying at industrial design and using computers for a long time.

I searched online about eye exercises or some relaxing methods for eyes. But I’m a little bit confused due to a number of ways like 20-20-20 rules, palming, massaging, making a figure 8 with eyes, alternating warm and cold compress.

Could you tell me what kind of methods are exactly effective to relax our eyes or what key points we need to pay attention to? And how often do we need to relax eyes during the work?

Thanks a lot!






Thanks for your Question

Workong for a long time on computer will cause eye strain. There is a muscle inside the eye which like any other muscles in your body ,gets tired and fatigue from overwork. So take sometime off and relax your eye is the only way to reduce eye strain. Other methods that you mentioned can be helpful.

Try to blinking frequently while you are working, it helps to redistribute tear films and reduce buring sensation. Preservative free lubricant eye drops frequenlty is also very useful while you working on computer.


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