Headache along with earpain after PRK eye Surgery

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I suffered with myopia.then i got operated by PRK surgery 3 years back.from then,i m suffering with eye pain which spreads from orbit to upper eyelid then temple,ear and sometimes nose.

I get the pain firstly on one side which is mostly left side and then slowly,it spreads to opposite side,forehead,and then the entire head upto back of neck (if very severe).headache is relieved when i put hard pressure on the area and by sleep.pulsations are felt all over the body esp. head.at that time,i even have photophobia and cannot tolerate even slight noise.

Please let me know what's the problem and its severity.This pain is unbearable and i'm unable to carry out my normal activities due to this.

Previously i used to have headache only twice a week but now i m getting headache daily along with severe earpain.

Please help me with this problem.







Thanks for your Question

Most likely you suffer from Migraine. Earpain is unusal symptom of migraine but it can occur.

You have to visit a neurologist in order to give your the right medication for pain relief.


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