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I see two objects one above the other with or without glasses.

Top object is from the RE. When I see alone from LE, with or without glasses, a circle looks a little oval and a straight horizontal line looks a little wavy.

Reading is not possible. Letters look a little bigger compared to RE, but blurred. From the RE without glasses, objects are visible but blurred. Suppose I see a car or a person going I can distinguish them but they are blurred.

Compared to LE, images will be smaller. However, at arms length I can read perfectly.

I consulted an expert opthalmologist. He has diagnosed it as anisometropia and advises me that I should get the lens extracted from the RE for an IOL.

He has given the following readings: History of present illness:C/O diplopia Best corrected: RE 6/18, LE 6/12 with glasses Cover test: Orthophoric Lens: LO++ Fundus: Disc & Macula Normal Diagnosis: Anisometropia Treament addvised: R Lens ext with IOL + 16.0 D sph He informs me that once the lens is replaced, with corrective suitable glasses, I will be able to see normally.

My doubts are:

1) Whether my LE can coordinate with the RE after the operation.

2) Whether I will be able to see a coordinated single object? In other words whether binocular or stereo vision is possible.

3) Further is it advisable to undergo surgery at my age.


I would be grateful for any advise u may offer.

Thank u






Thanks for your Question


I want to know if your eye doctor examined all eye movements and if both eyes are coordinated and there no restriction in movement.

I want to know if he examined you for signs or changes in retina due to age related macular degeneratiom. Wavy line in your left eye can be one symptom of Age related macular degeneration.

In case all the above are normal you can proceed to do surgery in your right eye to decrease the difference in refractive power between both eyes and most likely after surgery you will have a good binocular vision.

This kind of surgery can be done under local or even topical anaesthesia so it can be done in old age.


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