Does the Pred Fort Eye Drop Drops cause headache?

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I have a highly allergy at my eyes, and the mostly in the Left eye, i used Pred-mild but i didn't feel good then the Dr change it to Olopat Drop it was the same, then stopped and keep using Refresh Tears due to the dryness too (for a month) but itching and irritating get increased 2 days ago it became v. red the doctor gave me Pred-Fort Drop i used it today but i have a headache then i remembered that i've use it once 2 years ago and i had the same headache (it's from the eyes part from the head).

Note :

My left eye keep tearing due to dryness & allergy (i don't have a problem in my Sinusitis)

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Thanks for your question
Pred forte eye drops can cause increase in intraocular pressure which can cause headache. I would recommend you to visit your eye doctor to measure the intraocular pressure.


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