Cataract in middle age

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Thank you for allowing me to post my question

Can you tell me why a typically healthy man would begin developing cataracts in his forties? This person is very healthy, eats right, takes vitamins and has no family history of disease to speak of. He has had a cataract removed from one eye and then had a retinal detachment in that eye, now he has developed a cataract in the other eye.

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Thanks for your question
Age related cataract or Senile cataract is one cause of cataract. There are many ocular and systemic causes such as Diabetic Mellitus, myotonic dystrophy,steroid medications, radiation,retinitis pigmentosa,wilson disease and so on. In order to know what was the cause in your case, your eye doctor should order full ocular and systemic evaluation.
Sometimes Congenital cataract can be unrecognized and asymptomatic during childhood but with time it can become symptomatic and require surgical removal.
Cataract surgery can be complicated by retinal detachment especially in patients with vitreous loss during cataract surgery, patients with high myopia and in patients with collagen diseases such as Marfan Syndrome.
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