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My partner, 26, male, has recently had an eye test and the results were 20/20, which is great, but the reason he went was because his eyes really struggle in different light environments.

He can go to a shop e.g. B&Q and can't focus on anything, esp. reading product details on boxes etc. or he can be outside and then go into a sports hall, and not be able to focus on anything for about 5 minutes, then his eyes slowly adjust.

Any ideas on what this could be?

Many thanks






Thanks for your Question
Most likely your boy friend has something called accommodation dysfunction or Convergence insufficiency, in which the pupil requires time to adjust to different light brightness and also adjust to different distances( near and far). Most of the time it is a benign condition and affects people with excessive near work.

Orthoptic exercises can be very helpful and sometimes aids for near work can be helpful.

If this persist, visit an ophthalmologist for further work up.
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