Narrow angle Glaucoma with Cataract

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I had high eye pressure and the beginnings of a cataract in one eye and the doctor diagnosed pending closed angle glaucoma. His solution for this was cataract surgery. Is this a permanent solution or will the pressure build up again.







Thanks for your Question
From what you mentioned you have Phacomorphic Glaucoma which is a type of angle closure glaucoma that occurs in patients with cataract. In some patients, the cataract increases in size, pushing the iris forward and obscure the angle in which the aqueous humor is drained outside the eye.

This type of glaucoma can be confirmed by:
1- Clinical examination. Cataract with shallow anterior chamber and narrow angle by gonioscopy.
2- Imaging tests such as anterior chamber OCT and Ultrasound Biomicroscopy (UBM ). These tests help to visualize the angle and the anterior chamber and also help to measure the size of the lens and the depth of anterior chamber.
Treatment of this condition is by cataract extraction plus surgical iridotomy which is a hole iris that is created during the surgery.
Most of the patients will have normal intraocular pressure post operation but some may require eye drops for glaucoma.
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