Optimal distance between my eyes and the screen of my computer

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Can I reduce the strain my eyes feel from computer use if I move the screen farther from my eyes? I've tried to read up on computer-related eye strain and several articles mention that the strain is partly because the screen is usually 20-28 inches from the eyes, which they say falls in the "intermediate range" of vision.
(None of these articles explains how many ranges there are or where one range ends and the next begins.) Would my eyes feel less fatigued if I moved my computer screen farther away so it's outside that intermediate range, if that's a real thing? If so, how far should I move it?
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Not only the distance help to reduce eye strain, also the time you spend working on computer. Your eyes have muscles and these muscles contract when you work for distance. I would recommend that you take a break every 30-45 minutes and look for far objects to relax your eyes.
Aiding near glasses also very helpful to reduce strain.
Using artificial tears also reduce strain.
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