Lumigan Eye Drops not lasting long enough

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My father's prescription is for 1 drop in one eye daily. The 2.5 ml bottle is supposed to last 60 days, but is empty after 42. Is he squeezing out too big of a drop or is the size of the bottle wrong?

He is 93 and it is difficult to squeeze the bottle due to arthritis. Is there an easier way to dispense the drop?







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Any eye drops bottle once opened, shouldn't be used more than 30 days. Because of the contamination and the risk of bacterial eye infection can increase.

Lumigan Eye drops comes in Two sizes,5 ML and 10 ML. 5 ML bottle is prescribed when patient is using it for one eye and 10 ml bottle is prescribed when patient is using it for two eyes.

Patients with arthritis can have some difficulties in using eye drops in a proper way and in order to overcome this problem, he should get some help from another person who knows how to use eye drops properly.
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