My daughter has Conjunctival Nevus

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Dear Doc,

Conjunctival nevusI am so sorry to disturb. I am extremely concerned with my 5 year old’s eye. A spot developed in April 2010 and has since grown. I have taken her to an ophthalmologist who checked and advised that it was a “conjunctival nevus” and it is nothing to worry about. He also informed us that she has highly sensitive/allergic eyes.

Lately the eye now and again becomes red at that spot and waters (she calls it bleeding)

I really want to take her in for a second opinion but don’t know where to turn. Your advice will be appreciated.








Thanks for your Question

Usually the conjunctival nevus doesn't cause red eye with tearing. I think you should have another opinion as this might be some kind of infection or allergic condition of her conjunctiva.

Another thing is that your daughter might have conjunctival nevus which is asymptomatic but the red eye and tearing is caused by allergy or infection and not by the nevus itself.


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