Laser Treatement for Refractive Errors

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Respected Doctor,

Hope you are fine.
My Name is Nauman and i am 24 years of age.

My Eyes Prescription is as follows;

Sph -5.5
Cyl -1.0
Axis 170*

Sph -5.5
Cyl -1.0
Axis 180*

I use to wear Contact Lens before for almost 4 years.
But now contacts start irritating my eyes
I bought new, even washed them a lot still they causing problems in my eyes, Irritation, Redness etc.

So I started wearing Glasses, it is according to prescription, i ensured.
but It started headache, I am fed up with my glasses now.

I am Sick of my Weak Eye Sight
Please Help Me Doctor

I want to get rid of my Glasses and Contacts

Is there any Solution, i get my sight back ?
LASIK or LASEK (Laser)
I heard a lot bad about it that people lost their vision or distorted vision after operation.

Please Guide me Doctor

What Should I Do?







Thanks or your Question

Photorefractive keratectomy(PRK)with Mitomycin application is better than Lasik to correct myopia and astigmatism with much less complications.

Long term wearing contact lenses can make the eye very sensitive to these lenses. Using preservative free artificial tears can help to minimize this sensitivity.


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