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Bilateral cataract surgery 4 weeks apart in 2006. OpHthalmologist confirmed in early 2010 the onset of macular degeneration in the left eye and recommended ICap vitamin supplements, which upset my stomach even with food.

Is there eye drops I can use instead?

Many thanks






Thanks for your question.
I am sorry to tell you that, there is no FDA approved Vitamin eye drops for AMD. Stomach upset is a very common complain between people who are using oral Vitamins for eyes.

My advice to you is to switch to Preservative Soft Gels AREDS 2 Formula from Bausch and Lomb. It is only twice a day and it is soft gel. I think you will feel better with it. Always take them with food.

If you are a smoker, try to have PreserVision Soft Gels Lutein Eye Vitamins which is without B-carotene. Smokers should avoid B-carotene because it increases the risk of lung cancer among smokers.


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